Tutor Management System

The Tutor Management System is a web based addition to the EducatePlus Student Management System designed to centralise tutor information and prevent the need for constant double handling of data. The Tutor Management System provides tutors with the features they need to focus more on teaching and less on administration.


Attendance is tracked real-time for every session of the course. Sessions can be recurring or one-off, flexible or optional allowing the tutor to run the class their way. The system also allows multiple courses to be virtually merged allowing the tutor who may be dealing with multiple courses simultaneously (A semester and B semester students) to treat them as a single course. Tutorial Groups provide the tutor the ability to break the course down into smaller groups where necessary.

Student photos can be displayed next to their name ensuring that data is entered against the right student. The tutor can look back through their notes for a student to see the history of their attendance.

The system has built-in reports identifying students whose attendance is falling below defined limits allowing for early intervention by the tutor.


Tutors can track students’ progress by entering each assessment that a student is requried to complete. Assessments may be tests, assignments or practical work that must be completed to pass the course. Assessments can be set up with a weighting that counts towards the final grade or simply as progress markers for the student. The administrator can set the course up so that to pass the course the student must pass all assessments, attempt all assessments or simply achieve a passing grade.

Assessments may be resubmitted and each attempt is stored, giving the tutor a complete view of how the student has progressed. Reports quickly identify students that are falling behind, enabling the tutor to take action early on. Statistics show the assessments that students struggled with and can be compared with previous courses.


Achievements are the completion of a block of work. They may be Unit Standards, internal achievements or the completion of a course. These are what are reported to the student management system and ultimately to the governing bodies.

Achievements can be given as a result of completing one or more assessments or may be supplied as Unit Standard workbooks that must be completed and returned. Either way, achievements must be verified by an approver before they are granted. This two stage approval, first by the tutor and then by an approver, ensures that the student has completed the work to an appropriate standard. Once the approver has verified the achievement, the Student Management System is updated and the achievement is reported to the external agencies.

Tutor KPI’s

KPI reporting provides a proactive approach to identifying student issues and responding before it becomes too late to rectify. When the tutor comes in the courses with issues are highlighted reminding them that they need to take action. The administrator can customise the KPIs for a type of course to whatever is appropriate to help the tutors do their jobs better.

Standard KPIs include:

 Students with Low Attendance

 Late Assessments

 Incomplete Attendance

 Marking Due


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